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Find friends who can do you favours and do them favours in return

Swapaskill is an online community of giving, sharing, fun and friendship where people make friends and do favours for each other.  We're delighted to let you know that you can also now swap items! Our aim is to improve communities across the world and create a place that nurtures community spirit and a genuine caring for the environment - and it's all completely free! Ever seen the film Pay it Forward? We highly recommend it as...
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Making friends by swapping skills!

Another one of our fave's is Yuri's story because it resulted in him making a new, great friend. Yuri runs a website called londonamigo.com to help people new to London find their way. It’s a great site for anyone wanting to get to know London - check it out! http://www.londonamigo.com This is what he told us: "I joined Swapskill to find someone to teach me how to sew and I found a girl, who coincidentally is...
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Maximize your living space

Maximize your living space Less is more One of the easiest methods of making a space appear larger than it actually is, is to stick to the ‘no clutter’ rule. It’s surprising how claustrophobic and small an area can become when it is full of clutter and unnecessary items. A simple tidy up job and trip to the charity shop to remove unwanted items can make all the difference and enable you to reclaim your...
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