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Making friends by swapping skills!

Another one of our fave's is Yuri's story because it resulted in him making a new, great friend.

Yuri runs a website called londonamigo.com to help people new to London find their way. It’s a great site for anyone wanting to get to know London - check it out!


This is what he told us:

"I joined Swapskill to find someone to teach me how to sew and I found a girl, who coincidentally is also Spanish (I'm half Spanish) and she wanted to learn to
pronounce English better. So, we've met up and we've not only exchanged our
knowledge but also developed a good friendship. We meet weekly and one session is dedicated to me and one session is dedicated to her. She now has decided she rather use my other skills (web design), which means we will continue our "deal" :-)

It is fantastic because it is much cheaper and flexible than having paid for a
course. Plus is a 1 to 1 class, therefore I learn faster too! Also, I've made a new great friend.

Thanks Swapaskill and congratulations on your site!"

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a favour for a friend