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Maximize your living space

Maximize your living space

Less is more

One of the easiest methods of making a space appear larger than it actually is, is to stick to the ‘no clutter’ rule. It’s surprising how claustrophobic and small an area can become when it is full of clutter and unnecessary items. A simple tidy up job and trip to the charity shop to remove unwanted items can make all the difference and enable you to reclaim your living space. Removing clutter can also have the benefit of creating clean lines which were not previously possible due to the amount of clutter in a room. Removing clutter is exactly that however and does not mean that you have to have a living space devoid of any personal objects, what it does mean is that you have to be selective in the things you put out on display.

Space saving furniture

The style of furniture In a room will also have a stark impact on the illusion of space you have. If you decide on large furniture items, your room is likely to end up looking vastly smaller than it actually is. Another great interior design technique is to avoid pushing all your furniture against the walls, as this will have a dramatic decrease the size of the feel of the room.

Placing your furniture correctly by for example grouping your sofa and chairs together, with a coffee table in between is a great interior design technique for making a space look larger than it actually is. When organizing furniture however, make sure you leave sufficient room between each furniture item so that you can walk freely between them, otherwise not only does the layout become unpractical, but it can actually make your room feel even smaller.

Renovate to create more space

Sometimes it’s possible to knock through a wall to create more space. Knocking through a pantry from the kitchen, or from the bathroom in to the WC are both popular renovation techniques for acquiring more space in a home. These are very popular enhancements that make a lot of sense and open up the larger room. In most cases you can an extra three feet from the wall alone without extending the footprint of the property. You can even create an open plan living space but you must of course consider any structural issues which may arise and the extra heating required in heating larger rooms.

Loft conversion

Any technique for making more space is by considering a loft conversion or a basement conversion. Both loft conversions and basement conversions are becoming more and more popular these days due to the uncertainty over house prices and the cost of moving home including solicitors fees, estate agents fees and moving fees. These types of conversions are ideal for homeowners who want more space but like the house or area they are already in and so is an option available to those who do not want to move.

The space in a loft or attic can be as much as 30% of the total floor area of the home and in most cases only contains a cold water storage systems and chimney stacks. In 99% of cases it is wasted space that can could be far better used as a bedroom, a study, or an extra toilet or bathroom.

Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions are becoming increasingly popular these days with more and more people preferring to change a garage's purpose from that of storing a car to one of providing another useful living space. Larger Houses with double garages also have the further option of leaving one of two garages and only converting one.

The most common use is of a garage tends to be as for a study or home business area. Other possible uses include a playroom, a ground floor bedroom, or separate dining room.

Extending your home

Adding an extension to your home is another option for increasing living space but is only possible with homes that can extend outwards. Home extensions can transform a home providing extra rooms, and living space while at the same time add great monetary value to your property also making it more attractive to potential buyers.

If adding value to your home is your main reason for considering a home extension, you should do some research and discover the current market value of your home and then get an estimate of what it will be worth after the extension to see whether or not it makes financial sense. You can do this by speaking to local estate agents and looking at similar properties in your area.

Chimney breast removal

If your home is an older home it is likely to have a number of fireplaces and chimney breasts. Most homes these days have central heating and so the need for a fireplace in the home is more for visual and cosmetic reasons. If a fireplace is not in use, having it removed along with the chimney breast and possibly chimney stack can have the benefit of reclaiming otherwise lost space. Removing a chimney breast and fire place not only allows you to maximize your space in a number of rooms and provides the possibility to make use of the space in a number of ways including:

Adding Fitted Wardrobes or a larger bed in a bedroom.
An area or wall from which to hang your television, or an area to place your television stand.
Converting a single bedroom into a double bedroom
A place for that dining table you always wanted
A new modern fireplace feature

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